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Assiette triangulaire en papier

wasara Triangle

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In a time when globally we are reconsidering our energy use and impact on the environment, WASARA has been designed to use all tree-free materials, specifically, bamboo and bagasse. Bamboo grows extremely fast, and is a hardy plant that is readily renewed. Bagasse is a sugarcane fiber after extracting juice from sugarcane, and approximately one hundred million tons is produced every year. However, with fiber very similar to broadleaf trees, the intrinsic properties of bagasse make it perfect as a paper base. And because it is softer and more pliable than wood pulp, the energy requirement in production is significantly reduced. Based on bamboo and bagasse, environmentally-friendly WASARA products reduce the burden on the natural environment, and can be produced without fear of exhausting our natural resources.

WASARA is an eco-friendly paper tableware. It features a gentle touch and a beautiful form that reminds you of a pottery.

*This item contains 8 pieces.

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