• Gift sets

    Please your loved ones with our gift sets.


    With KAORI, OGATA offers an original incarnation of the ancient culture of fragrance in the East.

    Premium natural ingredients are skillfully blended, without additives, to produce a sophisticated composition that brings us back to the essence of the sensory experience.

  • Tea

    We have a selection of various tea leaves carefully selected from all over Japan. Those tea leaves have long been used for medicinal purposes.

    The tea trees rooted in Japan which has four seasons and a rich nature, are carefully cultivated by the hands of producers in each region with specific techniques.

  • Wagashi

    A handmade fresh confectionery with rich flavors made directly at the boutique. These delicate confectioneries will make you feel the five senses of Japan.

    We have a large selection of wagashi, perfect as a gift or to enjoy at home.

  • Pottery

    It features a simple yet warm shape created by using a soft texture soil and traditional techniques.

    The brand offers a wide range of functional products with aesthetic designs including those carefully made by craftsmen with a potter's wheel.

    You can enjoy the different colors and texture of the glaze, the particular texture of "kakiotoshi"(scratching technique) or other various characteristic expressions.

    A pottery made of clay is fired at a low temperature (around 1000 degrees). Those pottery products therefore remain more porous, soft and fragile compared to porcelain products.

  • Porcelain

    The items in porcelain have a minimalist design to emphasize its refined texture and its unique beauty.

    The white porcelain is produced from a high quality clay using a specific processing and techniques to bring out its original whiteness and texture.

    We have created utilitarian objetcs adjusted to our modern life with an original design based on traditional techniques such as "sometsuke" (dyeing technique), "inban" (imprinting technique), designing or glazing them.

  • Tin

    Tin is a precious and rare metal with a fine and delicate luster. It is easily scratched with fingers, fabric or paper.

    The most skilled and experienced craftsmen use the traditional "tatakidashi" technique of hammering a pattern on metal to magnify the tin.

    The luster of the material and the functionality of the objects are remarkable. Each use and traces give them an even higher degree of beauty.

  • Iron

    The products made from iron with a unique texture are produced in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

    The products are incomparably strong and can be passed down through generations if well-preserved. Each use will make the item even more attractive.

  • Lacquer

    In order to bring out the beauty of the natural material, lacquer, we work with skilled Japanese artisans.

    "Lacquer is not only beautiful but also resistant to heat, moisture, acids and alkali. It also protects the wood against degradation due to humidity or insects.

    Since ancient times in Japan, lacquer has been used for daily tableware or furniture."

    Starting with this beautiful bowl that combines practicality with craftsmanship, we also work actively on combinations of different materials such as iron and glass or paper-based lacquerware.

    We are proposing a new way of appreciating the lacquer in order to perpetuate its use from today and for the future.

  • Wood and Bamboo

    The design is based on consideration of the soft texture, the beauty of the wood grain and the natural texture of the wood itself.

    Delicate molding through a traditional craftsmanship, the shape has beautiful curves and represents the smoothness.

    By finishing without applying the lacquer, we are particular about the texture of the primary material itself.

  • Copper and brass

    Copper is a material that has been used in various fields since ancient times.

    We get beautiful and neat shapes through the technique of casting, with delicate curves and unique expressions.

    Each technique makes the product more attractive. Copper has a characteristic of changing colors over time, which is common to natural materials such as leather or wood products. Each use will bring its original taste.

    Drawing inspiration from old tools, we have designed products that emphasize the characteristics of copper.

  • Glass

    In order to emphasize the transparency of the glass, each product includes an originality in the combination of its shape and color.

    Increased transparency by selecting high quality raw materials, slight curves specific to blassblowing, combining glass with other materials such as lacquer, are various processing techniques.

    All products of the S brand are the result of the techniques of skilled craftsmen, in order to obtain a perfect balance between the different processes.

  • Wasara

    WASARA is an eco-friendly paper container that was created based on the idea of ​​Japanese aesthetics and values.

    This astonishing tableware that pursues materials, handmade textures and organic forms will enrich people's lives.

  • Books

    Our books written by Shinichiro Ogata.


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